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  • Ed Lawson

Next Intent Meeting: 13th March, London


Can you tell if a product will sell? Which of our behaviours can be profiled?

Intent meetings are like no others. Our two special guest speakers at the next meeting will share amazing intel, examples and inspirational examples to those questions. At the moment our speaker names are on the QT, but one is a serial product launcher / genius self publicist - a character you won’t forget. Our other speaker is one of the foremost criminal profiling experts - with fascinating and frightening insights to share.

We’ll be back at 30 Euston Square in London on 13th March 2024. Our last meeting was truly fantastic - with 50% new attendees and much loved confidential discussions, great 1-2-1 connections made, and our trademark: a unique opportunity to tap into ideas from other companies taking on similar challenges.

The meeting is titled 'Navigate & Advance': find your way through the current challenges in supply chain and logistics, and improve efficiency, processes and accuracy. Discussions are set to include Improving planning processes, the pathway to IBP, approaches to Scope 3, Using AI to optimise pricing / markdowns / inventory allocation, cost to serve vs. customer service, and reducing waste through improved demand planning.

If you are a senior supply chain professional you’ll take immense value from these confidential discussions, and you are guaranteed to enjoy the day. We’re limited to just 50 places, so click here to be involved!

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