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Meet the amazing guest speaker joining us in March '23

It's the Intent ethos to add huge value to you from the discussions at our meetings. Coupled with that, we always seek to find amazing individuals who will inspire you personally, with experiences outside of supply chain. It's such a pleasure to welcome Sinead Kane as our special guest speaker at the next meeting on March 14th in London.

Here's what makes Sinead special. It's not that Sinead was awarded two PhD doctorates within a three month period. Sinead is actually a double Guinness World Record Holder. In 2018, she broke the Guinness World Record for furthest distance for a female on a treadmill in 12 hours, covering 130.5km. And Sinead is legally registered as blind.

Sinead also holds a World Record as the first blind person to complete a Marathon on all seven Continents. She came joint-first in her marathon in Dubai. This is all remarkable given that Sinead only did her first marathon in October 2014 and only took up running in 2012.

As you'd imagine, Sinead has overcome a lot of adversity throughout her life. She advocates to remove barriers in society that impact disabled people to create meaningful change.

Within many areas she has challenged many discriminatory policies and has successfully achieved changes. Sinead wants to empower others to use their voice to impact change within communities through sharing her story and lessons learned. Sinead joins our meeting to share her story of how those who persist in spite of a disability can develop resilience, determination, motivation, and creativity. We can't wait to hear the fuller story.

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