What we offer

The Supply Chain & Logistics Intent Group is a unique network of over 600 Heads from cross-sector enterprises.

Intent Group manages the dedicated discussion community for Supply Chain Practitioners:


Available to all members:

  • Regular virtual discussions for small groups under Chatham House Rule

  • New! Market guides made available to you: these summarise discussion outputs and contain results of survey data

  • Focused discussions developed in direct response to the focus and priorities of members

  • Small scale meetings (to return in 2021)

  • Connections: some members take most value from our ability to connect them to peers with relevant experience, or to experts who can share practical advice

Our discussions are regular, and are now focused around TEN Supply Chain Digitalisation streams. 

We've developed these streams in reaction to the common themes and challenges our members find it useful to discuss. 

You can:

- Join a discussion

- Ask us to keep you abreast of discussion outputs and future discussions

- Suggest a particular focus that you'd like to discuss

- Read summaries of previous discussions

- Comment, add your view, explore further what was covered

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Just in case you were wondering...

How is this free?

We partner with member-endorsed network partners who are rated as experts in their field. They share expertise during roundtable discussions and - where appropriate and with members’ approval – we make introductions them so that members can tap into their advice and experience.

Do I have to attend 'vendor meetings'?

No. There are no obligations or inducements to meet with anyone or participate in anything that doesn't interest you. We (and our partners) understand that hard sell is a turn off and that involuntary meetings just waste everybody's time.

What is the time commitment?

Apart from the initial exploratory call, none. If what we propose doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. We will contact you no more than once a month to let you know about potential connections and activities that we think you will be interested in.

What's in it for me?

Our members are practitioners in senior leadership roles, meaning you can exchange ideas, experience and thinking with peers. Intent Group works for those who are open minded to new methods and strategies, no matter how experienced they are.

We don't believe in small print or 'catches', so take a look at the FAQ page to find out what being a member means in practice.