Virtual Boardrooms

Virtual Boardrooms are small scale online discussions around a single theme, with input from a recommended expert. Approx. 6-10 people can join each discussion and attendance is capped to allow genuine interaction and free-flowing discussion.


The agenda is tailored to your specific questions and challenges, making this a valuable and trusted way to hear the experiences, opinions and approaches of other members. The sessions are inclusive and interactive, meaning you can ask questions of others and pose your challenges to the group.


They are NOT a passive listening experience (like webinars). Feel free to ask us more, we'd be delighted to talk to you about involvement in one of these discussions. These discussions are conducted under Chatham House Rules. More info

Upcoming Virtual Boardrooms

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AI for streamlined planning

31st March 11.00 GMT



AI for streamlined planning

28th April 11.00 GMT


Network Design

19th May 11.00 GMT


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Virtual Boardrooms - Full Details

Fuller details of the virtual boardrooms

AI for streamlined planning

31st March & 28th April 2020, 11.00 GMT

What are the capabilities of AI in supply chain planning?

How to approach AI, ensuring value

What decision making can you effectively automate?

Asking the right questions of AI - avoiding wrong decisions made with bad data

Hosted by O9 Solutions

Network Design

19th May 2020, 11.00 to 12.30 GMT

Optimising operations, remaining agile 

Customer segmentation and channel management

Balancing cost to serve and customer service 

Growth & consolidation - aligning to the future of your business

Guest expert tbc

Recent Virtual Boardrooms

How to effectively use 3PL to help your supply chain perform 

12 November, 11.00am GMT


Future-Ready Supply Chain: Data & decision management, automation & insights

20 November, 11.00am GMT 


Warehouse Automation Strategy - getting the investment and strategy right

26 November, 11.00am GMT 


Using AI to progress to No Touch Demand/Supply Planning 

3 December, 11.00 GMT


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