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Thanks again for inviting me, it was great attending to meet colleagues from other industries and to chat about common challenges. Will definitely join next time and would bring my logistic colleagues…liked the setting with small groups & round tables, great program as well location and catering.

CM, Campari

Superb event, great environment, fantastic discussions and smartest people.

ER, Dassault

Thanks for running yesterday and the invitation. It was very interesting and thought provoking. These are the kind of sessions that should be really valuable for our business to access other ideas and contacts. I have a few people to follow up with.

SH, Itsu Grocery

Really enjoyable and a good combination of stimulating conversation and

thought provoking speakers

JW, Hachette

It's good to have a community where we can share our experiences and help our supply chain community thrive and build networks. Great to see some new faces and looking forward to the next session.


Fantastic. Was great to connect with so many folk and discuss issues where we are clearly experiencing similar issues.

WS, Coca-Cola

The time to dive into quality conversations about niche supply chain challenges with experienced and sharing supply chain colleagues from a variety of industries that I feel I cannot do back in the office of a SME.

AS, Rodial

Another really good event and brilliant to network face-to-face again. Interesting to hear the supply chain resilience stories of the last 18 months and how supply chain teams have become more influential in businesses as key business partners during changing and challenging times.

SW, Sony Pictures

Great London venue (even if the rooftop terrace was a lost cause!) - New connections and reconnections - Stimulating guest speakers on #innovationculture and #esg - Engaging round table sessions...

GM, Bridgestone

Great to be finally F2F again, made new connections and re-connected with others, many interesting conversations and a really good mix of new topics around, as well as some consistent conversations giving a bit of reassurance we're often all in the same boat - whether stormy or millpond...

LH, Bis Henderson

A fantastic event, and as a first timer I could not have felt more welcome from the rest of the people attending. The guest speakers were really informative, the round tables discussions very thought provoking and the 1-1 meetings well matched up.

JM, Animalcare Ltd

Thank you very much for hosting a great session last week. A really great opportunity to have some round table discussions on topics front of mind, to get different perspectives and hear experience of deploying different technologies. The guest speakers were excellent too, good to break the day up with some completely different topics.

AS, Nestlé

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