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Intent Group Guide, 2023


The guide is made available digitally to all members. The guide collates innovative thinking, experience and suggestions from supply chain and logistics leaders. It draws from individual interviews and small group discussions, and includes some deeper dive conversations with market experts. It is independently produced, aiming for a market narrative that summarises the best ideas, approaches and enabling technologies.


The proposed focus sections are currently:

  1. Collaboration enabling technologies

  2. How AI can identify opportunities for efficient distribution

  3. Cost to serve: how sourcing and inventory location can be costed and modelled

  4. How technology can support carbon calculation & reporting

  5. The business case for more sustainable supply chain and logistics

  6. Building sustainable decision making into planning

  7. Measuring end to end carbon emissions

  8. Changing customer behaviours to foster sustainable practice

  9. Final Mile


If you would like to offer your thoughts or ideas and would like to be amongst the first to receive the guide, do get in touch to book a short call in 2022. Here's the link.

Sample questions are:

  • Which initiatives are you currently taking or planning to take?

  • Company sustainability goals: how they relate to SC/Logistics

  • What are your specific challenges or obstacles relating to the above?

  • Are you using any technology solutions to help you address the above?

  • ...or are you interested in specific solutions?

Sustainable behaviours: are you working with suppliers or customers to foster better end to end measuring & reporting?


The report will be free to download in Q1 of 2023 to all those who participated and to Intent Group members. Any report Partners will also be permitted to distribute the report. 

An independently researched narrative guide that offers a springboard of ideas and that canvases recommendations and the solutions to consider.