Intent Group Meeting -

Increase Resilience, Develop Agility 14 Sept 2021, 30 Euston Square, London


Tuesday 14th September

Please aim to arrive at 8.30, and leave at 5.30

08.30  Doors open, collect your agenda & grab a hot drink

09.00  Intro to the day 

09.10   Ice-breaker - meet new faces! 

09.40   Supply Chain Intent Panel- where to next? 

10.10    Roundtable round 1

11.10     1-2-1 meetings over coffee

11.40    Special guest: hardwiring SC into your ESG process

             Prof Rob Holdway, Giraffe Innovation

12.10     Roundtable round 2

13.10    1-2-1 meetings over lunch

14.15    Another view: decoding AI and machine learning

              Olly Rees, OR/Innovation

14.45    Roundtable round 3

15.45    1-2-1 meetings & break

16.00.   Wrap: a summary of conclusions & planned follow up

16.30.    Networking & entertainment

17.30     Close


Roundtable Themes

Roundtables recur throughout the day. As an attendee, you pre-select the three you'd like to join. These are hosted democratic discussions We'll build this into your personal agenda.

Our themes this time will be chosen from the below:

  • Driver-based forecasting - moving on from historically based forecasting

  • Planning - breaking silos to reach faster consensus 

  • Reviewing network design & employing digital twin

  • The role of the store in a multichannel strategy

  • Agility and inventory: finding the sweet spot to cope with turbulent demand 

  • Resilience: end to end visibility, transparency, what are your next steps? 

  • Real time demand forecasting and indicators of recovery

Announcing our Special Guest Speakers...

Oliver Rees. Technology Expert & Co-Founder, OR Innovation

Oliver is passionate about the interaction between humans and technology. Coding from a young age, he is a Cambridge graduate and is the Co-Founder of OR/Innovation, which bridges the gap between psychology and cyber security to protect companies from hackers. Oliver will explain some of the essentials around AI and ML that you should grasp to move your organisation towards adoption, covering the fundamental prerequisites to the skills and people changes you should prepare for. He demystifies tech concepts and stimulates discussions by encouraging businesses to ready themselves for a complete redefinition of their business model.

Prof. Rob Holdway, Giraffe Innovation

Rob is co-founder and Director of environmental management consultants Giraffe, working with companies on carbon management and footprinting, sustainable design, innovation management and EU environmental legislation’. Rob will illustrate fresh examples of why ESG should be considered as part of supply chain planning, and will conduct a short workshop exercise to allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your own process and the simple steps that can make significant differences in your existing supply chain design.

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Health Precautions

As you are aware, the UK has announced that July 17 will its terminal date for restrictions, based on the success of the vaccine roll-out. We therefore have good confidence that our scale of meeting will be well within any limits or guidance. We believe that face to face interaction is an important and valuable addition to the sharing and facilitation of knowledge and idea transfer. Using our customary smaller scale, we fully expect to be able to run a 'normal' meeting. Our current precautions will include:

  • Well ventilated, light and airy venue

  • Limited to 65 attendees

  • Full compliance with all current national meeting guidelines 


How Intent Group Meetings work

Our meetings are unlike many events you might be familiar with. They're not conferences, aren't held in hotels, and aren't packed with powerpoint presentations. Our meetings are

  • Built around interaction in roundtables

  • Personalised to you - you select the discussions you want to attend, we'll make your agenda

  • Great chances to meet useful contacts: we'll put together 1-2-1 meetings for you

  • Fresh perspectives: we find fascinating speakers who'll inspire

  • Great venues: we believe the venue sets the tone. No 1970s carpets, we promise!

  • A rich audience of your peers - meaning you'll make useful connections to other companies and individuals who face challenges similar to your own

  • Useful cross-sector insights: learn from other industries

  • Under the Chatham House rule (no press).

  • Enjoyable! We want you to enjoy your day - so you'll see small touches and ideas throughout the day to make it memorable

If you're interested to join this meeting, would like to know more, or have a question, please drop a line to


Venue & travel 

We encourage our UK members and guests to attend this meeting. 

The venue is the top floor of 30 Euston Square, which is also the Grade II listed Royal College of General Practitioners building. The venue is next to Euston train station, and a short walk from Kings Cross or Euston Square. Streetmap link here. Streetview here.

The meeting is hosted in the State Rooms, with adjacent rooftop terrace. There is a lift available. 

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