Intent Group Meeting -

14 Sept 2021, OXO II, London


Tuesday 14th September

Please aim to arrive at 8.30, and leave at 5.30

08.30  Doors open, collect your agenda & grab a hot drink

09.00  Intro to the day 

09.10   Ice-breaker - meet new faces! 

09.40   Special guest presentation: Supply Chain - where are we now? 

10.10    Roundtable round 1

11.10     1-2-1 meetings over coffee

11.40    Special guest: boardroom influence: learned from the Taliban

             Emma Dutton MBE, Applied Influence Group

12.10     Roundtable round 2

13.10    1-2-1 meetings over lunch

14.15    Another view: Get to grips with Blockchain 

              Olly Rees, OR/Innovation

14.45    Roundtable round 3

15.45    1-2-1 meetings & break

16.00.   Wrap: a summary of conclusions & planned follow up

16.30.    Networking & entertainment

17.30     Close


Roundtable Themes

Roundtables recur throughout the day. As an attendee, you pre-select the three you'd like to join. These are hosted democratic discussions We'll build this into your personal agenda.

Our themes this time will be chosen from the below:

Data driven decisions: responsiveness

Extract: The pandemic has exposed the fragility of supply chains, and the lack of visibility across tiers. Responsive supply chain requires connected systems, interoperable data, and fuller visibility both upstream and downstream. Technology now makes it possible to move towards real time visibility to be able to move faster, and be more resilient. 

Possible Elements: demand sensing, data harmonisation, interoperability, E2E vis

Cost to serve: which customers are more valuable to your business, which do you need to service differently?

Extract: It’s incredibly complex to compute CTS. And it’s not just cost - payment terms should perhaps be factored in! For that reason, some customers may not even be profitable to the business. Again, technology and a smart approach can shed light on some of these blind spots in your supply chain. 

Possible Elements: Granular CTS approach, Digital twin, Network planning, customer terms

S&OE / S&OP - fine tuning the process

Extract: the importance of having a robust framework to handle short term decision making has been emphasised in recent times. Agility requires slick, simple processes, with clearly defined roles and appropriate empowerment. In turn, systems must be able to support short and longer term planning processes, paving the way to the most commercial decisions.

Possible Elements: Planning & replanning, planning boundaries, available to promise


Planning - reaching consensus, faster than ever before (or digital planning maturity)

Extract: pulling data from multiple sources, multiple stakeholders is still a laborious process. As much about process as systems, there will never be one rule for everyone. Find out how you can measure maturity, which areas to prioritise, and how to move the organization forward as one. 

Possible Elements: benchmarking, process and systems, setting targets, understanding commercial impacts

Using AI to automate decisions around stable SKUs

Extract: technology can now automate elements of your planning, allowing you to focus your planning resources on less routine decisions. AI can support the ability to react, and is increasingly a tool in the armoury to make profitable decisions, reducing forecast error.  

Possible Elements: approach, suitability of AI, automation in unprecedented times, identifying patterns in orders to avoid overstock. 

Making commercially sound decisions: how IBP helps

Extract: There’s an even greater imperative to manage cashflow and to ensure profitable channels or customers are prioritised: to do this there must be a real time position. Those businesses who can align supply chain to financial processes are better positioned to adapt, flex, and maintain profitability. 

Possible Elements: 

Financial alignment, Stakeholder management & decision making structures, cloud 

Hyperlocal: the future of reactive, flexible, fast final mile delivery

Extract:the final mile revolution is not done yet! With ecomm receiving another major boost, customers expect speed and convenience. Made possible by connected systems, better forecasting, and more accurate inventory management, it’s now more viable to have another layer in distribution to enable more local delivery. What strategy would best serve your needs? What are the payoffs in service, and custom? 

Possible Elements: Multichannel, Speed of delivery, inventory management, hyperlocal DC

ESG & Efficient Network Design

Extract It’s no secret that a globalised economy means goods can be shipped thousands of miles 'unnecessarily’. The power of analysis can now uncover some of major inefficiencies in your supply chain, opening the door to reducing carbon footprint, and a more efficient global manufacturing operation. 

Possible Elements: freight miles, carbon footprint, environmental and social benefits tied in to SC


Creating a true partnership with a 3PL: what black box benefits can be uncovered through better partnership?

For those companies who can leverage relationships with 3PL, there’s the potential to unlock more efficiencies in working practices. Particularly in closed book situations, you might never be aware of some simple changes that could yield significant margin savings. More favourable customer ordering patterns, avoiding penalties, reducing returns, order sizes, flexible space - these can all be influenced and better managed if you can work in partnership. 

Possible Elements: 3PL partnering best practices, tendering, when to make a change, questions to raise with your 3PL

Announcing our Special Guest Speakers...

Emma Dutton MBE. Founder Applied Influence Group

Emma breaks down the steps to influence and make change happen at Board level, through fine tuning our ability to 'Influence'. Emma served as an Engineer Officer in the RAF before transitioning to the influence capability of Military Intelligence. Over five tours of Afghanistan, she was placed in leadership and governance roles, leading teams to collect life-saving information. After a realisation that she was using the same influence skill set and methodology in her interactions with politicians and military commanders as she was with the Taliban, Emma co-founded the Applied Influence Group. She was honoured with an MBE in 2015 for her service in Afghanistan.

Oliver Rees. Technology Expert & Co-Founder, OR Innovation

Oliver is passionate about the interaction between humans and technology. Coding from a young age, he is a Cambridge graduate and is the Co-Founder of OR/Innovation, which bridges the gap between psychology and cyber security to protect companies from hackers. Oliver will explain some of the essentials around AI and ML that you should grasp to move your organisation towards adoption, covering the fundamental prerequisites to the skills and people changes you should prepare for. He demystifies tech concepts and stimulates discussions by encouraging businesses to ready themselves for a complete redefinition of their business model.


Health Precautions

Whilst it's impossible to currently predict the restrictions that will still be in place in September 2021, it is our intention to proceed with the meeting. We believe that face to face interaction is an important and valuable addition to the sharing and facilitation of knowledge and idea transfer. Using our customary smaller scale, we fully expect to be able to run a 'normal' meeting. Our current precautions will include:

  • Well ventilated, light and airy venue

  • Limited to 70 attendees

  • Full compliance with all current national meeting guidelines 


How Intent Group Meetings work

Our meetings are unlike many events you might be familiar with. They're not conferences, aren't held in hotels, and aren't packed with powerpoint presentations. Our meetings are

  • Built around interaction in roundtables

  • Personalised to you - you select the discussions you want to attend, we'll make your agenda

  • Great chances to meet useful contacts: we'll put together 1-2-1 meetings for you

  • Fresh perspectives: we find fascinating speakers who'll inspire

  • Great venues: we believe the venue sets the tone. No 1970s carpets, we promise!

  • A rich audience of your peers - meaning you'll make useful connections to other companies and individuals who face challenges similar to your own

  • Useful cross-sector insights: learn from other industries

  • Under the Chatham House rule (no press).

  • Enjoyable! We want you to enjoy your day - so you'll see small touches and ideas throughout the day to make it memorable

If you're interested to join this meeting, would like to know more, or have a question, please drop a line to


Venue & travel 

We encourage our UK members and guests to attend this meeting. 

The venue is OXOII, overlooking the Thames. Streetmap link here

 It can be reached easily from London Waterloo, or Southwark tube stations. Alternatively, take the tube to Blackfriars or Temple, and cross the bridge. The meeting is hosted on the 2nd floor. There is a lift, but it is most easily accessed from the dedicated stepped entrance

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