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  • Ed Lawson

Sustainable Logistics: where are the opportunities?

Where have you got to on making logistics more sustainable? Struggle to make the business case? Frustrated by the lack of uniform measurement standards? Lack a framework? Or already making big changes?

In our discussion on 19th May, participants exemplified all of these! Here were some of the points arising from the discussion that provoked discussion:

  1. Investors are now pressuring large companies to act meaningfully and to be able to demonstrate and prove the impact of improvements. We've moved beyond anecdotal improvements. Now, change must be comprehensive, measurable and part of a strategy.

  2. Customers and end users are now pressing for improvement. What's more, attracting talent is made easier when you're geared towards meaningful change!

  3. How do we set targets? Standards differ; this can be a discouragement.

  4. It can still be difficult to get everyone aligned. For some, eg energy intensive manufacturers, logistics seems like a small slice of the pie. An overarching framework is needed, C-level sponsorship is a must. Change must be part of everyone's KPIs.

  5. Everyone is on board until.... customers need to accept fewer deliveries! Incentives must be in place to achieve different service standards. It takes a lot of time and persuasion!

  6. Technology is required to get a full picture of ESG metrics and performance. AI can unlock efficiencies and opportunities to improve.

Overall, many will have identified some of the 'low hanging fruit' and will be addressing those areas. Creating the business case for wholesale change is the next step for those who don't yet see change coming from C-level. For those leading the way, the organisation benefits at every level.

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