RT1: Redesigning SC processes for a digitalised world - key discussion points
- hosted by Vikram Singla, Oracle

Evolving Role of Supply Chain

  • Modern customers expect outcomes and the terms could be patient experience, consumer experience, customer experience, citizen experience depending on the sector

  • Supply chains are becoming central to deliver a meaningful and profitable customer experience



  • Supply chains leaders need to become business leaders and not just functional experts and progressive organisations have Chief Supply Chain Officer on the board

  • Digital/Analytical skills will become even more important as the technology continues to evolve rapidly

  • Supply chain leaders need to talk about the benefits of their initiatives in the language of the board e.g. when articulating ‘Visibility’ initiatives, they need to talk about the benefits to the customer and the cost reduction

  • Pace of change is increasing and people need to find a structured way to adopt that



  • A new mindset is required to look at the business processes across functions e.g. visibility is not just required around logistics but across the entire customer life-cycle or Integrated Business Planning needs to become a core process


  • Data driven decision making is becoming crucial to make more relevant decisions to deliver right customer outcomes

  • Strong data foundation that can connect business processes end-to-end is key to leverage emerging technologies e.g. AI/Machine Learning

  • A laser focus on business outcomes is required to ensure meaningful adoption of emerging technology e.g. Augmented Reality can be used to deliver a better experience if service engineers use this technique

  • Increase in data means greater need to manage exceptions


Dynamic Operating Model (rather than Target Operating Model) mindset is required to be on the front foot and structurally manage the pace of change along people/process/technology dimensions…



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