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“When I was invited to join the Intent Group, I was admittedly sceptical, and looked for the ‘catch’. But I was willing to try this approach, and have already been connected to two other businesses going through a transformation we’re tackling this year: it’s been genuinely useful to hear those real stories and experiences, and we’ve picked up useful suggestions from those connections”

(DB, Major retailer)


The problem (and our solution)

Here’s the question: how do you keep up with (and, ideally, stay a step ahead of) the pack and ensure you’re working with the best partners, all whilst leading your team?

Figuring out your best moves in an ever-changing landscape is not easy and no one expert has all the answers. You need to find out what others like you have done, how they did it and what they'd do differently if they could.


Your options? Conventional trade shows, exhibitions and conferences tend to mean bumping into a few familiar faces, hearing overly-polished versions of who did what / bold visions of the future and hard sell from vendors who haven't spent any time getting to understand your situation.


A genuinely useful connection is a matter of luck and opportunities to explore your own challenges are rare. 

What we offer

We take the chance out of peer-to-peer networking and knowledge-sharing by understanding your particular interests and challenges. Where we see a critical mass of interest around a particular area or challenge, we create and shape discussions, with a peer group all able to contribute.


We can tailor our discussions so you participate just in those sharing conversations where there is real value for you, either as a virtual boardroom (a dial in discussion) or at one of our member meeting days.


Rather than death by powerpoint, these are small, senior gatherings based around member-led roundtable sessions, member case studies and mutually agreed 1-2-1 meetings between members.

What's the deal?

What’s our commercial model? Full disclosure: what we do is made possible by the support of our member-endorsed network partners. Yes, they would love to do business with you. But there is never any obligation to meet our partners, and certainly no sales pitches. We’re happy to introduce you to our carefully chosen partners, selected because our members rate them for delivery on their promises, and endorsed for their real expertise.


As a member you are never obliged to be part of any session that does not interest you. Our mission is to use what our members have told us to find the best partners to add their experiences to those of your fellow members. We only work with a handful of partners, and only where our members have reported positively on their work. If you do join one of our member meeting days, we only ask that you are open minded and prepared to meet the others there.


A couple more things: in the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity, we do ask you for member recommendations (at least one from outside your company) and we ask all members who they have worked with or do work with that they’d recommend to other members. That way we can help to shortlist recommended companies, and in turn partner with those best rated experts.


That’s it. We don’t pass on your details. All information is kept confidential and all discussions are under “Chatham House Rules”. We don’t even publicise your details on our website. There are no hidden fees and we don’t take any payment details or charge penalty fees.

14 reasons members get involved

  1. Our meetings are small-ish (typically about 50 members), informal, practical, demand-driven, member-led and, we hope, quite good fun. Making useful connections is not just more likely, it’s a sure bet

  2. Regular opportunities to join meetings through the year at your convenience

  3. Option to join our regular, single business issue virtual boardrooms

  4. Submit agenda points you would like addressed during roundtable sessions with your peers

  5. Maintain, expand and deepen your professional network with consistent interaction

  6. Effective way to anecdotally benchmark against leading players

  7. Gain insights and hear opinions that would not be expressed in open forum

  8. Single point of contact who understands your situation and personally manages your introductions and invitations - no faceless bureaucracy

  9. Use us as your secret source of intelligence

  10. We’ll tailor connections according to your interests - networking made easy!

  11. No ongoing time commitment: just a brief initial phone call to understand your interests/focus and answer your questions

  12. Zero obligation: if you do choose to participate in a meeting, we just ask you to enter into the collaborative spirit

  13. Zero cost

  14. This is all we do, by design. It’s not a sideline, revamp or rethink

If you’d like to join or learn more, the next step is to schedule a brief intro phone call (usually 15-30 mins) to tell us a little about your top 2-3 areas of interest so we can identify potentially useful connections and be able to let you know when the next useful discussion or meeting is happening.


Whether you decide it’s for you or not, we’ll send you the report from the next members’ meeting so you can see what other Supply Chain leaders are thinking about issues that may be relevant for you too. If after speaking with us, you’re still not sure whether it will work for you, we’d be happy for you to come and join one of our member meetings days, informally and free of charge, so you can see for yourself how it works and who else you’ll connect with.

See also Becoming a Member

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On hearing about the Intent Group proposition, it was of immediate appeal to me. We’re a billion dollar business, and I’ve worked in supply chain over 25 years. For us, it’s the perfect platform to collaborate, see if others share our beliefs about the future of agile supply chain, and to have more useful touchpoints outside of our business”

NL, FMCG member.