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Intent Group Meetings
Our meetings are unlike most events you might be familiar with. They're not conferences, aren't held in hotels, and aren't packed with powerpoint presentations. Our meetings are

  • Built around interaction in roundtables

  • Personalised to you - you select the discussions you want to attend, we'll make your agenda

  • Great chances to meet useful contacts: we'll put together 1-2-1 meetings for you

  • Fresh perspectives: we find fascinating speakers who'll inspire

  • Great venues: we believe the venue sets the tone. No 1970s carpets, we promise!

  • A rich audience of your peers - meaning you'll make useful connections to other companies and individuals who face challenges similar to your own

  • Useful cross-sector insights: learn from other industries

  • Under the Chatham House rule (no press).

  • Enjoyable! We want you to enjoy your day - so you'll see small touches and ideas throughout the day to make it memorable

Our next meetings:

'Everything Connected'

15 March 2022, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

London, UK


''Next Steps in Supply Chain'
15 September 2022

London, UK