How is this free?

What we do is made possible by the support of our member-endorsed network partners who offer services and products. As such, our members must have a formal role in these kinds of investment decisions and have plans to tackle challenges over the next year or so.


Our handful of network partners are carefully selected as the best rated experts and approved partners who deliver what they say they will. They understand that any form of sales pitch is counter-productive so they use our network to gain real insights into our members’ challenges and, as hosts of some of the roundtable sessions, hope to gain your trust and consideration through the depth of their experience, expertise and credibility. By virtue of having tackled many cases across different industries, that they are in a position to bring useful perspectives to our members’ discussions.


As a member you are never obliged to attend a discussion or meeting that doesn’t interest you. Our mission is to use what our members have told us to find network partners who are not only relevant but also bring unique insights so you’ll see real value in joining one of their sessions...willingly. If you do join one of our member meeting days, we only ask that you are open minded and prepared to meet the others there.


A couple more things: in the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity, we really value your suggestions/recommendations of other good people outside of your organisation who might be interested to join the network.  We also ask your recommendations of parners that you’ve worked with in the last few years and who you’d recommend to a friend in the industry.

What is my 'risk'?

Your risk to find out whether this might work for you is a 15-30 minute phone call for us to get a picture of your areas of interest and identify potentially useful connections. If after speaking with us, you’re still not sure whether it will work for you, we’d be happy for you to come and join one of our member meetings days, informally and free of charge, so you can see for yourself how it works and who else you’ll connect with.

What is the time commitment?

Apart from the initial exploratory call, none. If the connections, meetings or dial-in sessions we propose don’t interest you, there’s nothing more for you to do. If you join a meeting or a session, there’s nothing to prepare...your years of experience are your preparation.

What, exactly, does being a member mean?

Once we have an understanding of your interests, we will propose:

  • Personal introductions to other members who share your interests, with your permission

  • Personal introductions to relevant network partners, who we think can help you, with your permission

  • Regular member meeting days with sessions that address your interests. These include up to four member-led roundtable discussions with usually around 8-12 members on each table and, if useful for you, pre-agreed 1-2-1 meetings with other members and network partners

  • “Virtual boardrooms” where you dial in from your desk to explore relevant interests with other members

  • The occasional social activity to maintain and develop your personal professional network

Many of our members have decades of experience. The network is (more than) the sum of its parts - most members are experts in some areas - and the network works best where experience can be traded - it’s a two way street. One occasion you might share your experience of a recent transformation, another time you’ll be doing more listening.

If you agree with us, and are happy to share some of your experiences with other members, then let us know - it's invaluable to include 'real stories' from members.

What happens to the information I might give you?

First of all, you don’t need to share anything with us that you’re not comfortable with. Your contact details will not be passed on unless you have given us permission to do so, for example, to connect you with another member or network partner. When we do make a connection, we provide a one or two line introduction summarising the areas of common interest.

Are there hidden costs? Or penalties for not showing up?

No. Some companies may invite you to attend a meeting for free but then charge a penalty if you are not able to make it. We don’t because we don’t want or need to. We only want people to join us willingly because they see something that is of clear interest for them and, if something comes up at the last minute, it’s not a problem because you can join our next regular member meeting instead.

What happens if I want to leave the network?

No problem. Drop us a line to let us know that, for whatever reason, you don’t want us to contact you about connections or meetings any more.

What's your track record?

We’ve worked in commercial B2B media and networks for over 40 years combined, with experience of different sectors, countries and models. We worked together about ten years ago and, after following our separate career paths, both reached the conclusion that there is a smarter way of networking, many events formats were tired, and there was a much more honest and useful way to information-share. We also firmly believe that smaller scale meetings with the right people in the room yield more for everyone. Intent Group was formed at the end of 2016 with the intent to deliver that vehicle for business leaders to innovate and continuously improve. You can find our personal profiles here:

Ed Lawson

JP Doggett

How do you handle competitor sensitivity?

We’re conscious that you have competitive sensitivities, and would not want to reveal anything to direct competitors. When we create personalised agendas, we avoid clashes with competitors, so that you’re not talking with them around the same table at the same time.

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On hearing about the Intent Group proposition, it was of immediate appeal to me. We’re a billion dollar business, and I’ve worked in supply chain over 25 years. For us, it’s the perfect platform to collaborate, see if others share our beliefs about the future of agile supply chain, and to have more useful touchpoints outside of our business” NL, FMCG member.