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IBP: zero latency

Holistic ML/AI strategy

Dynamic network design

Concurrent planning

Future-proofing Ecomm

Our discussions are...

  • Every 1-2 weeks, 60-90 minutes

  • Small scale for maximum interaction

  • Focused around a single theme

  • Under the Chatham House Rule

  • Welcoming, interactive, pen, impartial 

  • Designed to be useful, and to give unique insights

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"A great format that allowed me to calibrate and compare approaches to AI" (JM, John Lewis)

"The discussion provided us with actionable takeaways and advice to improve our IBP process" (DL, GSK)

Recent Participants have included...

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IBP: zero latency for availability & working capital

9 June 11.00-12.30 BST

  • How can you reduce latency when pulling data from multiple sources?

  • Managing and reducing complexity

With Vikram Singla, Oracle


Holistic ML/AI strategy for resilient supply chains

10 June 11.00 - 12.30 BST

  • What are the implications for data automation?

  • How has Cloud & emerging tech - especially ML / AI / IoT etc. - been used to help deal with challenges posed by the pandemic?

  • What are the barriers to embedding ML / AI and how should / can they be overcome?

With Vikram Singla, Oracle


Dynamic Network Design

17 June 10.00 to 11.30 BST

  • Up-stream sourcing strategy: China + 1? How to diversify?

  • How to adapt network design processes? Data lakes, dashboards & scenario analyses

  • 'Supply sensing'?: tools & techniques for early warning of supply shocks

With Martin Gouda, BCI Global 

& Eric Kramer, Balt Exclusions


Concurrent Planning in the age of Volatility & Disruption

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30 June 10.00-11.30 BST

How does concurrent planning manage volatility?

  • What are the barriers faced when starting a transformation project? Time to value, size of project, technology, change management etc.?

  • What role should emerging technologies have and how can concurrent planning be future proofed?


Futureproof Ecomm Strategy

21 July 11 -12.30 BST

  • Going D2C? approaches to the business case and strategy

  • Flexible distribution? How can you build in more agility?

  • Making profitable decisions - how to control profitability?

With Louisa Hosegood, Digital & Strategy Director, Bis Henderson


Virtual Discussions

Intent Group has always run Virtual Discussions as well as 'in person' meetings. Whilst the two are not the same, our virtual discussions are always interactive, focused & small scale, and you will find the experience open, honest, useful & welcoming! 

What is our formula for our discussions?

  • Capped attendance, ensures airtime for all views, experience and sharing of ideas

  • Under the Chatham House Rule, meaning you will get honest perspectives and insights

  • Focused theme, one that addresses genuine needs, challenges or opportunities

  • Experts involved to share advice and experience, where useful

  • Hosted by us to bring balance and continuity

  • Opportunity to pre-submit discussion points, anonymously if preferred

  • Everyone connected after the discussion to allow you to develop new points of contact


We always address the needs of our members in these discussions, so let us know if you have a suggestion!

If you'd like to take part or find our more about any aspect of our Supply Chain & Logistics virtual discussions, please drop a line. 

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