RT4: Real-time supply chain and visibility
- hosted by Andy Noyce, BOARD International

What should be the advantages but unable to get there in many cases:

  • Insight into Demand

  • Insight into Efficiencies

  • Strategic Workflows

  • Integrated Customer Experience


Trends that continue through 2018:

  • Globalisation – complex transfer points to monitor tracking

  • The Amazon effect – changed customer expectation

  • Omni Channel - real time visibility into stock order and shipment status, product and information associated

  • A focus on real time technology


Challenges and considerations are still the same and not changing fast:

  • Need IT to deliver and always have to go through – Some changes being seen where IT and SC working well together as enablers - Would prefer more self-service capabilities

  • Where are SC in the organisation food chain for support from IT i.e. 1. ERP 2. Finance 3. Supply Chain

  • Focus still on getting the base layer of data correct (ERP roll outs) however reporting still manual, excel driven, lack of truly intuitive reporting, collaboration and controls

  • Can’t rely on quality of data – Master Data Management concerns

  • They have the data just can’t easily access it – think about GPS data for tracking

  • Getting data from 3rd party providers – how do they get better data or access as part of 3 and 5 year typical contracts – think logistics

  • Global decision making hamstringing regional units on reporting capability – How to support a business case for investment sometimes includes bringing it into larger wider project budgets

  • Is all the data going into ERP’s so the ability to bring in other data from source systems is in some instances non-existent

  • Better real-time tracking is where retailers get better value to their customer service

  • Reverse/returns is a big issue

  • Often hundreds of manually created reports that need to be consolidated

  • Automation within the supply chain has resulted in more hiring, not less as the automation enables greater analysis - Concern over new tech is people forget about the maintenance side of tools

  • Real time visibility is a term that didn’t resonate with all people as they still don’t even have visibility or the real time aspect wasn’t essential - For some it wasn’t about real time visibility it was just visibility!

  • What’s the true value in IoT data visibility – the basic layers need addressing first


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