Member Meeting - 5th June 2018

Birmingham, UK

Full agenda

Monday 4th June evening: Welcome drinks at the Old Crown from 6pm

Tuesday 5th June

08.00   Private breakfast

08.30   Registration & breakfast

09.00   Statement of Intent - Director, Intent Group

09.10   Expert Q&A (TBC)

10.00   Roundtable discussions - first round (see below)

10.50   121 meetings

11.10   Networking break

11.40   Roundtable discussions - second round (see below)

12.30   121 meetings

12.50   Lunch

13.50   Member case study / clinic (TBC)

14.20   Roundtable discussions - third round (see below)

15.30   121 meetings

15.50   Short break

16.00   Special guest speaker (TBC)

16.30   Rapport-building activities & drinks reception

18.00   Private-hosted dinner (limited availability)

Roundtable discussion themes

SIX of the following top interests of the members who are planning to attend this meeting will be the roundtable discussion themes (in no particular order):​


    • Digitalising core processes: OTC, Plan to Produce, Maintain to Optimise​

    • A market-driven, outside-in model for SC

    • Evolution or revolution: the road to digital maturity


    • MDM & capturing critical data​

    • Big data & AI for advanced and predictive analytics

    • Real-time data on inventory, assets, events, processes and performance


    • Networked supply chain​ for integrated partner visibility and early warning of disruptions

    • Embedding new technologies like blockchain / IoT for enhanced, real-time visibility

    • Tracking & tracing for regulatory compliance & working capital efficiency


    • Improving forecast accuracy and cycle processes​

    • Optimising inventory levels through multi-echelon pull-based planning (DDMRP)

    • Integrating financial forecasts by value as well as volume


    • What, when, where and why to outsource​

    • Contracting for successful partnerships

    • Enhanced integration and collaboration with outsourcing partners


    • Integrating OTC processes​

    • Data sharing and global master data alignment

    • Collaborative planning (CPFR) and logistics


    • Worker productivity and human-machine interfaces​

    • Robots and cobots

    • Robotic process automation


    • Contingency planning for Brexit and tax & customs efficiency

    • Strategic location of facilities

    • Route & transport optimisation

The final agenda (with the SIX roundtable discussion themes) is confirmed about one month before the meeting.

About Intent Member Meetings

  • 50+ members in attendance (to maintain a private and safe setting for genuine sharing)

  • Private, by-invitation only, Chatham House Rules

  • Cross-sector, Director level, pre-profiled (all attendees receive full details on participating members)

  • Mutually agreed 121 meetings based on common interests (no obligation or pressure)

  • Only SIX Advisory Partners hosting roundtable discussions

Concurrent roundtable discussions

​The SIX roundtable discussions are concurrent / simultaneous and they run THREE times during the day so members choose their top three discussions to participate in.

Members submit questions and agenda points and we work with the discussion hosts to tailor the agendas for participants. Each member receives a personalised agenda with the times of each of their chosen discussions. No competing companies are scheduled on the same session.

121 meetings

​We schedule member-to-member and member-to-partner 121 meetings for all attendees (that wish to). These meetings are based on common interests and are agreed in advance. There is no obligation to attend any meeting that is not of interest.

What else?

Each meeting also includes two or more of:

  • Member case studies / clinics: a member makes a short, "TED Talk-style" presentation of a recent project, followed by Q&A from members

  • Expert Q&A: we invite a subject-matter expert on an important theme for our members and then invite them to ask whatever they want

  • Leadership "refreshers": knowing what to do is only half the battle...our members then need to make things happen! We invite inspirational coaches to equip our members with new tools and ideas to help them realise their goals

  • Something totally different: we invite interesting and unusual non-industry luminaries whose insights and experiences can provoke tired assumptions and stimulate new thinking

  • Rapport-building activities: we end each meeting with some fun stuff so that you make new friends, not just new contacts

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On hearing about the Intent Group proposition, it was of immediate appeal to me. We’re a billion dollar business, and I’ve worked in supply chain over 25 years. For us, it’s the perfect platform to collaborate, see if others share our beliefs about the future of agile supply chain, and to have more useful touchpoints outside of our business” NL, FMCG member.


     Venue, accommodation & travel

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