RT2: Overcoming silos for end-to-end visibility
- hosted by Richard Bennett, E2open
  • There were no companies who don’t see this as an everyday problem.

  • Silos are not just pockets of data or departments – it can be a geographical, reporting line, or historical problem.

  • Many thought forcing people together, populating teams with members from different departments and communicating to all involved was the best way to address the bigger issue.

  • There were mixed opinions as to whether involving third parties such as consulting companies would help with arguments for and against. However, everyone agreed the ownership for fixing lies with the company.

  • Structure and hierarchy can add to the problem and this needs addressing at C level

  • Technology is out there to remove system/data silos but not implemented enough, most likely due to effort and difficult to justify.

  • Some good case studies do exist

  • A combination of people, process and technology is required to address the problem

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