Member Meeting - 12 March 2020

Tanner Warehouse, London Bridge, London

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will not go ahead due to the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID 19. We regard this as the responsible course of action. Intent Group will be running virtual discussions as an alternative to in person meetings.  

We invite you to review details of Upcoming Virtual Boardroom Discussions here.  Thank you!


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Announcing our Special Guest Speakers...

Oliver Rees Technology Expert & Co-Founder, OR Innovation

Oliver is passionate about the interaction between humans and technology. Coding from a young age, he is a Cambridge graduate and is the Co-Founder of OR/Innovation, which bridges the gap between psychology and cyber security to protect companies from hackers. Oliver will explain some of the essentials around AI and ML that you should grasp to move your organisation towards adoption, covering the fundamental prerequisites to the skills and people changes you should prepare for. He demystifies tech concepts and stimulates discussions by encouraging businesses to ready themselves for a complete redefinition of their business model.

Emma Dutton MBE Founder, Applied Influence Group

Emma breaks down the steps to influence and make change happen at Board level, through fine tuning our ability to 'Influence'. Emma served as an Engineer Officer in the RAF before transitioning to the influence capability of Military Intelligence. Over five tours of Afghanistan, she was placed in leadership and governance roles, leading teams to collect life-saving information. After a realisation that she was using the same influence skill set and methodology in her interactions with politicians and military commanders as she was with the Taliban, Emma co-founded the Applied Influence Group. She was honoured with an MBE in 2015 for her service in Afghanistan.

Tara Shirvani Disruptive Tech Specialist, EBRD

Tara is a green infrastructure specialist, investor, speaker and millennial advocate. She is passionate about leveraging technology and finance to drive scalable impact to tackle today’s global trillion dollar infrastructure gap. She is a known expert in the field of green transport and infrastructure solutions, digital and AI strategies for mobility and transport. Tara has received many awards for her work including Times of London Top 100 Rising Star in Science and Engineering, Forbes 30 under 30, Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society Global Female Rising Talent, Future Energy Leader CERA Energy, and WEF Global Shaper.


Full agenda

Thursday 12th March

08.30   Registration & breakfast

09.00   Statement of Intent - Ed Lawson, Director, Intent Group

09.10   Icebreaker speed group meetings

09.40   Roundtable discussions - round 1 (see below)

10.40   121 meetings

10.55   Networking break

11.20   Special Guest Oliver Rees: Decoding AI and Machine Learning

11.55   Roundtable discussions - round 2 (see below)

12.55   121 meetings

13.10   Lunch

14.00   Special Guest Tara Shirvani, EBRD: Intelligent Transport Systems & Greater Efficiency in Logistics

14.20   Roundtable discussions - round 3 (see below)

15.20   121 meetings

15.35   Short break

15.45   Expert Advisor Emma Dutton, AIG: How to Influence and Persuade at Board Level

16.15   121 meetings

16.45   Drinks reception

17.45   End of day

Roundtable discussion themes

The following top interests of the members who are planning to attend this meeting will be the roundtable discussion themes:


  • Adapting business models & SC design for a digital world

  • Redesigning and aligning end-to-end processes with a digital mindset

  • Holistic performance metrics


  • Handling the requirements for business agility

  • Changing customers/shifting demands - delivering to increasing demands

  • Robust logistics in the face of natural business fluctuation


  • Post-Brexit landscape - reviewing international distribution patterns

  • Practicalities of new overseas DCs 

  • Sourcing agility - derisking the supply chain


  • Engaging all functions into the process

  • Directing Operational Excellence for optimal commercial impact

  • Using the process to get the supply chain fit for the future



  • Are we doing the wrong things increasingly efficiently?

  • Making customer account profitability & cost-to-serve integral to commercial planning

  • The people bit: aligning incentives and overcoming silos

The final agenda (with the 6-8 roundtable discussion themes) is confirmed about one month before the meeting.

About Intent Member Meetings

  • Capped attendance (to maintain a private and safe setting for genuine sharing)

  • Private, by-invitation only, Chatham House Rules

  • Cross-sector, Director level, pre-profiled (all attendees receive full details on participating members)

  • Mutually agreed 121 meetings based on common interests (no obligation or pressure)

Concurrent roundtable discussions

​The roundtable discussions are concurrent / simultaneous and they run three times during the day so members choose their top three discussions to participate in.

Members submit questions and agenda points and we work with the discussion hosts to tailor the agendas for participants. Each member receives a personalised agenda with the times of each of their chosen discussions. No competing companies are scheduled on the same session.

121 meetings

​We schedule member-to-member and member-to-partner 121 meetings for all attendees (that wish to). These meetings are based on common interests and are agreed in advance. There is no obligation to attend any meeting that is not of interest.

What else?

Each meeting also includes two or more of:

  • Member viewpoint/experience sharing: a member shares a short, honest review of a recent project or improvement made in their business, with a focus on 'lessons learned'.

  • Expert Q&A: we invite a subject-matter expert on an important theme for our members and then invite them to ask whatever they want

  • Leadership "refreshers": knowing what to do is only half the battle...our members then need to make things happen! We invite inspirational coaches to equip our members with new tools and ideas to help them realise their goals

  • Something totally different: we invite interesting and unusual non-industry luminaries whose insights and experiences challenge common practice and stimulate new thinking

  • Rapport-building activities: we end each meeting with some fun stuff so that you make new friends, not just new contacts

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     Venue & travel

The meeting will be held at the fantastic Tanner Warehouse, near London Bridge in central London. After its first incarnation as a leather tannery taking its water and power from the Thames, The Tanner Warehouse was a chocolate factory until 1992. The venue now offers fantastic food and spirits infused onsite.

Dress code: Relaxed. 

Venue address: Tanner Warehouse, 50 Bermondsey St, London, SE1 3UD.

Enter the venue directly at the corner of the building.

Streetmap: click here

Streetview: click here 


Nearest tube stop: London Bridge (4 minute walk)  

Nearest train station: London Bridge 

Coronavirus / Covid-19

This meeting will not go ahead due to the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID 19. We regard this as the responsible course of action. Intent Group will be running virtual discussions as an alternative to in person meetings.  

We invite you to review details of Upcoming Virtual Boardroom Discussions here.  Thank you!


On hearing about the Intent Group proposition, it was of immediate appeal to me. We’re a billion dollar business, and I’ve worked in supply chain over 25 years. For us, it’s the perfect platform to collaborate, see if others share our beliefs about the future of agile supply chain, and to have more useful touchpoints outside of our business”

NL, FMCG member.